Sunday, June 17, 2012

Global Cost of Living Comparisons

Mercer LLC released it's 2012 cost of living survey which compares the cost of living in different cities for US expatriates. As they describe below:
"Mercer's Cost of Living rankings are released annually and measure the comparative cost of living for expatriates in 214 major cities. We compare the cost of over 200 items in each location, including housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment. We use New York City as the base city for the rankings and the US dollar as the base currency. 
Two main factors determine a city's position in Mercer's Cost of Living rankings: 
1. the relative strength of the relevant currency against the US dollar in the 12 months between ranking (March 2011 to March 2012 in this case); and   
2. price movements over the 12 month-period compared to those in New York City as the base."
The below infographic is not in order but is a sampling of the different cities. The top 50 most expensive cities can be seen here.
(hover over and click enlarge to make bigger. Or click here if does not work)


  1. I'm wondering if saas help desk software is used to get such results. I mean, as complicated as this, there must be tools used to get the desired information and arrive with these numbers.

    1. Actually, a hp instructor told me that the diagram, particularly the use of infographic can be applied in almost everything, that requires charts and graphical detailing. Information presented in this form are way easier to read and analyze that's why they come up with this kind od system.

  2. Is that going to be an indication that americans be moving to the united kingdom soon?

  3. This can be my start to learn financial modelling once I get to see which potential country is the business' target.

  4. Do they have a survey conducted on how much these countries spend on computer parts, internet connection and the like? And another version of these but about a business' cost of capital and revenues, say an amp automotive connector distributor, telecommunications and other related stuff?

  5. You may now start choosing where to move in these countries. But why does it seem that there is no better choice among them if it's money-wise? A long drop deck trailer would be needed for my things, and this infograph gave me an idea which of my things should be saved before moving!

  6. Nice listing of demographics and expenses here. I'm curious, though, as to whether there was already any consideration for other expenses, like for home furnishings, medicine and health, and the like. I find it kind of odd that they were not part of the infographic.

  7. I wonder how much people spend on electronics though. I think it should be something the demographers should consider, because it's starting to be a deciding factor in people's lives these days.

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