Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rant for a Revolution

I have meant to start this blog for awhile. In fact, I registered the domain in December of last year (and that was after much procrastination!). I must admit the Occupy Wall St. protests have made the Wall Street Rant name appear to have a very strong association with it. While I can't say I have participated in any of the protests, I do support many of their ideas.

I didn't start this blog for so long because I was somewhat obsessed with laying out my core criticisms from the start about the financial industry, the political system, the media and people in general.........then I realized that is the purpose of a book not a blog. So I have decided to stop over-thinking and just do. Besides, I'll be lucky if anyone is reading my posts anyway.

The enthusiasm behind the Occupy Wall St. movement helped push me to finally start this blog. Like many people, camping out to support the cause is not an option. However, real movements are more then just protests on the street. Movements that lead to revolutions are about changing the way people think. It's not just about bombarding the streets with people, it's about bombarding people with facts where ever they are. Hopefully I can do my part on this blog, through the discussion of individual ideas instead of ideologies. I will always be hesitant to associate myself with a specific movement, because movements can be hijacked. Therefore, I will always choose to put my support behind ideas instead of labels.

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