Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Infographic on the Education Bubble & Are There Signs of a Leak?

Below is a nice infographic on the Education Bubble (a better term would be a Tuition Bubble) from . The cost of a college degree is clearly out of whack relative to income and something at some point must change (when is the only question). We can only hope that the tuition decreases that have been announced by a small number of colleges is the first sign of a leak in the tuition bubble. As CNNMoney reported:
"As colleges across the country become increasingly pricey, these five schools are cutting tuition and fees by more than 10% -- and, in one case, by as much as 60%."
While that highlights only five colleges, a quick google search reveals that in some areas it appears like more of a trend. (unfortunately many are still raising tuitions...but for how long?)

Higher Education Tuition Bubble


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